A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Scarlet Shadow is an old school RPG game with turn-based battles. It focuses mostly on the story and on characters, but it also has side-quests, armors and weapons, and a bit of exploration that will be expanded with new content.



The multiverse has been divided in 21 worlds to bring balance between Armony and Chaos, however, many attempted  to compromise this balance in order to achieve power or pursue other hidden objectives.

The story revolves around the journey of Lux, who is traveling around the world to defeat an obscure organization, the Ether Animus. During his journey Lux will meet new friends and lots of characters, some friendly other less. The story is full of interesting characters and plot twists until the very end.



Lux, a 19 years old who is tasked to destroy Ether Animus. He seems pure, but he has an obscure target. He’s a swordsman, and he’s specialized in powerful attacks. He also has a few light spells.


Lumi is one of the characters in Scarlet Shadow. She’s a 16 years old girl who has been raised in the chill of the snow. She’s a cryomancer, a mage specialized in ice spells. She can deal damage and freeze enemies, who become much slower.


Andrew is an android built by Elves who wants to discover the world and likes quizzes. He can throw various kind of stuff to enemies. So he can deal damage and apply states to them, as well as heal allies.


Irid is a Keruby. She’s the one who tasked Lux to destroy Ether Animus. However, her true objective is unknown. Because she’s a Keruby, she can use powerful spells to deal damage and heal allies. She doesn’t lack physical skills though.



  • 10 hours of gameplay only for the main quest;
  • Lots of side-quests already available; others will be added over time;
  • Interesting characters that will follow you during your journey;
  • A beautiful OST that will accompany you during your game;
  • Minigames that will be expanded soon!
  • You can play using a mouse, a keyboard or a gamepad!


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